The Artist


Santa Fe artist Mark Frossard creates custom themed paintings for Concordia Santa Fe, one for each concert. These paintings serve as basis of the posters and postcards used in the marketing of our concerts.

Working only with a generic concert theme, Mark paints a beautiful, colorful and magical canvas that captures the essence of the upcoming concert.  In his own words, “My narrative paintings depict diverse characters existing in colorful, imaginative, and abstracted environments. I use bold lines to push and pull the compositions into focus, and utilizes animated colors to provide additional meaning to the paintings.  I explore my ideas by painting on canvas. Working with acrylic paint is quick and forgiving. I can sketch and rearrange my figural compositions without extensive drying time. The texture is composed of flat areas of color, overlapped by lighter washes.”

Mark graciously donates his talent to Concordia Santa Fe.  Please visit him at